Christmas? Already?

Sometimes seasons sneak up on me. I just discovered a couple of days ago that we are in summer already and then I was reminded of a writing project for this upcoming Christmas. The writing group at my church wants to put together a Christmas devotional like it did last year. They also want to do a second one for children. Since I am the resident children’s writer, I am expecting to do the bulk of the writing for that one.

I have an idea already for how I want to do it. I just need to begin outlining it and then start working on it.

I want to present the whole thing as a series of short stories based on a grandfather telling the Christmas story to his two grandchildren and one of their friends. The story telling sessions will be broken up into as many sessions as we will have entries for. 

The grandfather will tell each story as though he and the children were actual witnesses to the events.

The grandfather will also start the story way before the start of the traditional story to show that God began His planning for Christmas long before the angel visited Zebedee or Mary. It was first foretold right after the fall and He undoubtedly planned it long before that.

I will report back with updates as I make progress on this project.


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