I seem to have run into a roadblock of self-doubt. I wrote the story for day one and it didn’t really go where I wanted it to. Now I have been paralyzed in my efforts to edit it and get back on track.

I need to pray for progress and then just trust what I write. I need to put it all in God’s hands and expect Him to guide me.

Then I need to just write.

At least that’s what I think I need to do.

If anyone reads this please pray for me. I really want to honor God with this work.


One thought on “Roadblocks

  1. You honor God by continuing to work. You honor God when you try, always, to be the great person He designed you to be. As Tommy Newberry writes, “Our heavenly Father has poured an inexhaustible supply of abundance onto this earth, ready for us to multiply it even further if we are willing to take the initiative.”

    So, congratulations, you have taken the initiative. I hope things have been going better for you since this post from July. Just wanted to remind you of the above if you’re still in a creative slum.

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