We are underway!

I am glad to report that the writing group at my church has embraced the concept of this project and we are moving forward with it.

Yay God!!

I will be working with someone to do weeks 1 and 4 and writing other material to tie all of the other pieces together into a cohesive whole.

Our first writing is due in two weeks! I am so excited to be working on this project with these talented people.

Please pray with me that God will guide all of the writing, editing and artwork for this project!


I have been bad…

I have not posted any updates recently on the current devotional project. I met with a group of writers at my church this week and we will be movi9ng forward with the project as a group project to produce for our church. Praise the Lord!

I am hoping that it will all go well and that we can bless the children and the families of the church with this labor of love.