Ten units sold on the first day!

Wow! I was very pleasantly surprised to see “The Kid Inside Bible Stories” sell ten units on the very first day. While not exactly denting the best seller lists, it certainly made me smile. I am hoping that you all will take the plunge and pick up a copy. I think you will like the stories and it would certainly go a long way to encouraging me to produce more books. I have a lot of stories written that could be put into future volumes of a series.

I am also working on more ideas for stories specifically about the first eleven chapters of Genesis. The working title is “The Genesis Chronicles.” I have an intriguing idea for how to get a kid inside the story of creation. I am working on the outline for it now.

I chose Genesis because of it’s pivotal role in the belief structure and world view of Christians. If we try to treat those chapters (especially creation) as allegory and myth, then there is no point in taking the rest of scripture literally. We have disconnected from the full power of God by saying that He is not big enough to do what it says He did in those chapters.  Think about it. I have been.

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