Spring has sprung and a decision has been made…

Today is the first day of spring (10:14pm local time) and after much thought and prayer I have decided to put together my Susie and Johnnie stories for my next book project. The Genesis Chronicles is still in the mix and I will finish edits and rewrites on The Story of Asaph and The Surprise but, the Susie and Johnnie stories are what I have decided to use for the next book.

The Susie and Johnnie stories are based on the original Susie and Johnnie stories from the Radio Kids Bible Club. That was a Christian children’s radio show that was on the air for nearly 20 years and was the ministry of Doctor J. C. Brumfield. He wrote all the stories and they were dramatized as radio plays along with music and teaching. The stories were eventually converted to book form and were so popular they were translated into a number of languages had a world wide audience.

The original stories were about two kids that took their Christianity seriously. They had many adventures because of their faith and they (especially Susie) led many to the Lord.

Eventually, the two kids grew up, married and went off to Africa to be missionaries.

My stories pick up many years later.

Susie is the grand-daughter of the original Susie and is (as her Grampa Johnnie says) the spittin’ image of her Gram Susie. She inherited not only her looks but also her spunky character and a strong love for Jesus. Her father and mother were both missionary kids who met and married while at Bible college. Her father Tom is the pastor of a small church in Crescent City. She has a younger brother named Stanley.

Johnnie is a new Christian from the Midwest and having recently moved to the area and attends both the same church and school as Susie. He is also, in many respects a throwback to Grampa Johnnie but also his own unique boy. He has no brothers or sisters and not only become good friends with Susie but also with her brother Stanley. They form an older/younger brother bond and do things together.

Stay tuned for more information about those stories and how the work is progressing.


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