First “Freelance” Article and other stuff

I submitted my first freelance article to the Helium website today. I wrote an article on the Christian Doctrine of Atonement. I found that interesting and fun to research and write. The pay for that article is only supposed to be a dollar, but it was fun to do and great to get the first one under my belt. I am now looking for more.

I got some feedback on the VBS editing I did and the staff member at church was so pleased that she said she would come to me first for any other writing tasks. That felt good to hear.

I am starting a new job tomorrow and I am definitely feeling some jitters about it. I will need to pray some more about that.


Transitions are never easy

Today marks my final day as an employee of the company that has paid my bills for the last five plus years. I have made many friends and put in a lot of hours with them in the trenches of difficult times. I will miss working with them a lot.

Lack of work at my current company has dictated that I either wait for them to let me go –or- find something on my own. I chose the latter path. I think that it is almost always better to go out on your own timetable and not wait for the other shoe to drop and go out when you are not necessarily ready.

I won’t be going far though. I will be starting a contract job at the company that owned my company AND I will be just (effectively) moving to an office across the street. The challenges will be different and new but, I should be very busy and learn a lot in the process. Growing professionally (while occasionally painful) is a good thing. I am looking forward to that part.

So, farewell to the old and greetings to the new!

Writing about my passion(s) is easy…and then, there is freelance writing.

I am a baseball fan. I have the distinct pleasure of following the Mariners since they are my home town team. Even though pleasure has not been the operative word for one following the Mariners throughout most of their history, they are my team. Be that as it may, there is always something to discuss when following a team. One can wax eloquent about their prowess in the field when they field two gold glove outfielders like they did a few years ago with Ichiro in right and Franklin Gutierrez in center. The diving catches and stolen home runs were amazing feats. I can talk or write easily about the team and its players.

The same is true about the Bible and most specifically Bible stories that I want to tell to children (or adults if they are listening). The Bible is an endless source of inspiration, fascination and wonder. I can write or talk about these things at length.

When it comes to most freelance writing assignments however, I am left stunned and speechless. I haven’t the foggiest idea what to write about. I know nothing about most of the topics and even if I do research on them, I simply do not connect with the subject matter. I have spent hours perusing sites where freelance writing assignments abound and I am left numb. I either need to completely re-think my approach or get new sources for assignments that fit more closely with my personal passions.

Entering the world of freelance writing–It’s a very complicated place…

I have always considered myself something of a generalist. I believed that I knew enough about a lot of things to be generally conversant in them. While that may be true (in my own mind, at least), it is not enough to write about a topic with any authority. In my first forays into this new world, I have discovered how precious little I know about most everything. The topics that writing articles are being requested for are well beyond the scope of my little knowledge. I am not sure that even with some research could I produce an article worthy of payment.

I did select one thing to write on and “misremembered” the due date and missed it. Obviously I have some work to do on developing a system to keep track of assignments.

I still have a lot of reading and research yet to do about this new world but I can tell you one thing. It’s a very different writing world than the one I have inhabited for the last decade.

And now, for something completely new!

I finished the VBS edit/rewrite a couple of days ago and have been earnestly engaging in the hunt for a new job.

I have decided it is time to begin a new phase of my writing career and seriously look for freelance writing assignments to supplant some of my potentially lost income.

Today, I will begin looking at Helium and Freelance Writing Jobs. Those two sources should give me a start. Let’s see where this leads.

On to new adventures!