Writing about my passion(s) is easy…and then, there is freelance writing.

I am a baseball fan. I have the distinct pleasure of following the Mariners since they are my home town team. Even though pleasure has not been the operative word for one following the Mariners throughout most of their history, they are my team. Be that as it may, there is always something to discuss when following a team. One can wax eloquent about their prowess in the field when they field two gold glove outfielders like they did a few years ago with Ichiro in right and Franklin Gutierrez in center. The diving catches and stolen home runs were amazing feats. I can talk or write easily about the team and its players.

The same is true about the Bible and most specifically Bible stories that I want to tell to children (or adults if they are listening). The Bible is an endless source of inspiration, fascination and wonder. I can write or talk about these things at length.

When it comes to most freelance writing assignments however, I am left stunned and speechless. I haven’t the foggiest idea what to write about. I know nothing about most of the topics and even if I do research on them, I simply do not connect with the subject matter. I have spent hours perusing sites where freelance writing assignments abound and I am left numb. I either need to completely re-think my approach or get new sources for assignments that fit more closely with my personal passions.

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