Transitions are never easy

Today marks my final day as an employee of the company that has paid my bills for the last five plus years. I have made many friends and put in a lot of hours with them in the trenches of difficult times. I will miss working with them a lot.

Lack of work at my current company has dictated that I either wait for them to let me go –or- find something on my own. I chose the latter path. I think that it is almost always better to go out on your own timetable and not wait for the other shoe to drop and go out when you are not necessarily ready.

I won’t be going far though. I will be starting a contract job at the company that owned my company AND I will be just (effectively) moving to an office across the street. The challenges will be different and new but, I should be very busy and learn a lot in the process. Growing professionally (while occasionally painful) is a good thing. I am looking forward to that part.

So, farewell to the old and greetings to the new!

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