Two down….

I have written two articles for Helium. Neither was rejected, but only one was purchased by the publisher. I call that a mixed result. But, I do intend to persist and hopefully, if nothing else, I will broaden the scope of my writing and gain more experience.

I am busy with a new job and my wife has had to go to be with her parents for about a month. My father-in-law’s health is failing and they expect that he will go home in the near future. I am glad for him. He is not having fun any more and the relief from the strain of his physical difficulties will be welcomed. 

I am going to need to start working on a series of stories soon to tell the AWANA boys next school year. I am looking forward to that challenge. I have two of the four that I promised already but, I want to add some continuity to them and perhaps use them as the basis for a short story book. We’ll see how that works out.



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