Reversing a change in direction…sort of…

I really thought that giving freelance writing a go was a good idea…for awhile. Then I decided to just concentrate on those assignments that seemed to be more in my wheelhouse. It seems that my way of writing does not suit the editors at Helium so, I am bailing on that for the time being. I find it hard to produce an article that I think is good only to have it soundly rejected by the staff over there.

Ok, I know I’m having a pity party and all but, I really think I am not cut out for the type of writing they want. For one thing, the turn around time is too short for my thinking process. I am just too slow.

With all of that being said, I am ready to leave those distractions behind and dive into the outlining work I have been doing. I have two of them going and this is a skill I need to master if I am going to advance my writing to anything approaching a professional level.

So, that is where I am headed. I am dropping all pretense of being a freelance article writer and giving my full attention to my outlines for the next year.


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