Samsung Galaxy not the right universe for me…

Well, my weekend long trial of a Samsung Galaxy Tab as a replacement for my Netbook for writing was a bust.  I got a bluetooth keyboard for it and it doesn’t work well for me either. So, back to Amazon they go. The best word processing software for the machine had a horrible interface that caused me to lose my work several times. It had trouble with outlines and did not interface with the special keyboard I bought to use with it. The keyboard itself was part of a stainless steel case for the tablet. But it was inset inside the cover and my hands could never get into anything resembling a natural position for typing. Additionally, every time I hit shift to capitalize a letter it was slow releasing the shift and I ended up with at least two letters capitalized.

So, I will continue to use my old trusty Dell Netbook for the time being. I may try the Microsoft Surface when it comes out in the fall. 


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