Outlining is fun and doesn’t have to be rushed…


There’s a picture of me hard at work on the two outlines I am currently working on. I identify with Winnie the Pooh because, quite often, I feel a bit slow in the head. I have discovered two things recently from reading blog posts by K.M. Weiland. The first thing is that I neither have to nor should I rush my writing. It is better to take your time and let the process work.

To me that means a couple of things.

The first is, think things through. Let the ideas and the story percolate until they are fully formed and begin connecting properly.

The second is, outlining is not only smart it can be fun. It allows you to structure your story in a way that makes sense. It allows you to think it through logically and brainstorm your ideas on paper before they reach an actual manuscript. I am exploring how I want to present the story, how detailed I want the environment to be and what feelings I want to produce in the reader.

Thanks K.M.!

Here is a link to her book. I highly recommend it


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