The Dog Days

The Dog Days are not always referring to baseball in August. I think there are dog days in regular life as well. I am going through a period of dog days or at least a period of time where everyday is a struggle. It is hard to get up and get going. I begin to feel tired right away and it seems to just get worse as the day drags on.

I finally gave into the tiredness and fatigue and went to my doctor. She referred me to another doctor who. in turn referred me to another. That one spent a good hour and a half with me and recommended three others to consult.

Well, as you might guess. that process has continued and some suspected issues were confirmed but no one (yet) has determined the source of my tiredness and fatigue.

A byproduct of the tiredness and fatigue was a definite increase in the appearance of Mr. Crankypants in my place. I have grouched at and offended innumerable people that I would much prefer to have treated nicely and with love.

As a result, I offered to give up my speaking position in my beloved Friday night ministry. My position was compromised by my shortness with and snapping at people that did not deserve it. I am ashamed of the way I acted. My offer was accepted by the ministry leader and so…no more Friday nights in Everett. At least not for the foreseeable future. Who knows what God has planned for ministry opportunities.

So, in the midst of these dog days, I have committed to deepening my relationship with God and working on my writing .

I have started out with more scripture reading that is not focused on how do I preach this but with how can I understand this better and apply it to my life. These are things I probably should have focusing on anyway.

I have started the long needed revision of the first section of Kenan and Hagar. I am working to incorporate the notes I took while outlining the story. The outline is not yet finished, but I want to be writing in some more serious way. I started that yesterday and I really enjoyed it.

I begin a series of physical therapy appointments tonight and see my new endocrinologist tomorrow. I hope to get some answers for these issues soon.

Your prayers would be appreciated.


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