Pause and consider…

I am now pausing and considering my future as a writer. I had thought that I finally found a home for my series of Susie and Johnny stories as well as a possible home for my “Kid Inside” Bible stories. I was, however, turned down. Dancing with Bear publishing was not interested in publishing my stories after all.

I was, initially, very disappointed and experienced a strong sense of depression. Experiencing that reaction has caused me to take some time to pause and consider my writing.and my future as a writer.

I realized two things, First, I invested a lot of emotional energy into the possibility of getting these stories published. Secondly, they were early works for my and because I spent a lot of time editing and revising them, I did not spend time doing any new writing.

I am not sure that it is the best use of my time to go back and continuously edit and rewrite older stories. I think that I will just let them be for now except to have them edited professionally to remove technical and grammatical errors. I need to not launch into another series of rewrites.

I have decided not to give up on writing but, I want to work on new things not old things. I have two stories I have been working on. I need to do a completely fresh rewrite of them so that I am not revising old writing but writing new using the old as a form of outline or scratch draft.

I believe that God has gifted me as a writer but, that does not require me to continue to live in the past. The first stories I wrote were written for telling in a classroom setting. They served that function and did it well.

I now have new stories I want to tell. I need to get about the business of doing that work. I pray that, in doing so, I honor God and point others to Him.

It is always a good thing to pause what you are doing and consider if it is what God wants you to do.


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