Catching Up and Giving Thanks…

I started writing this with my wrist braces on but, kept hitting all the wrong keys. I am still doing that, I always have, but I do it less with the braces off.

What braces, you might ask. Oh! I haven’t kept up with the blog much lately so you don’t know. I have carpal tunnel in both wrists. Well, that should be had because my left wrist has already had the surgery about three weeks ago. The right one is scheduled for the 3rd of December. The day after we close the play.

What play, you might ask. Oh, that’s right, I am in my church’s Christmas play. I get to play an old man at the end of the play. I have this conversation with the main character that turns his outlook around. I talk to him about Jesus and how lousy Christmases started with his first one. I think it does a good job of reaching out which I have not had a much opportunity to do since we started our sabbatical.

What sabbatical you might ask. Oh, Carol and I decided to take a sabbatical from all the things we were involved in this year. But I didn’t want to give up our Friday night ministry. But then, God made it clear that when he told us he wanted us out of everything for awhile, he meant everything. There were issues that could be traced to my health…so we had to give that up.

Now with the carpal tunnel, I have decided to give up moderating Freecycle too. I spent too much time at the keyboard. So, it had to go too.

That leaves me with nothing to do besides concentrate on health issues and reading and writing.

When God prunes, he prunes!

So, in keeping my keyboard time short. That’s all folks! Happy Thanksgiving. (I know, I’m a day late.)