The Best Laid plans…

I had intended to do a lot more posting during this unemployment vacation, but with all the extra people in the house and some confusion surrounding my actual start date for the new job…well, let’s say that I became de-motivated.

The new job is now supposed to start tomorrow and I am working on a story that is revealing itself to me in teensy bits and pieces. I had hoped to get a lot more work done on that, but I seem to be getting stuck waiting for the next part to show up in my head.

I am sure that no other writer has had that problem (ha ha). I press on because I believe in my story. 

I am still thinking about the Bible stories for Adults idea though. It too is coming slowly as well. 


Bible stories for older children

I have written more than a few “re-imagined” Bible stories aimed at younger children. I am now becoming interested in doing the same for an older group of children. I am not completely sure yet whether I want to do them for Middle Graders (MG) or Young Adult (YA). I feel more comfortable doing MG. Perhaps I should pick a story and go for it and see where it leads me.

Either way, my approach to these types of stories has always been to highlight the original story and tell it from the viewpoint of someone that was in (or could have been) the story. I want the readers to see themselves in the story. I want them to feel the air and sun, to experience the flow of events and see a first person viewpoint the truth of the story.

My book The Kid Inside Bible Stores ( tries to do exactly that. Check it out and tell me what you think.