Adventures (further) in unemployment.

My contract at Premera (a Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance company) was shortened and the 30th of September was my last day there. Cranked up the job hunting machinery again. As is usually the case, most of the openings in my field, require skills that I do not have. Not to worry though, God has always provided something. I have faith that He will again. 

Additionally, I am struggling with a physical issue in my legs. The preliminary diagnosis of polymyositis has been upheld by the early tests. More tests are scheduled for tomorrow and probably early next week. An additional MRI and tissue biopsy should finalize the diagnosis and direct the treatment plan.

I am also taking the time to take training in skills necessary to seek employment in the field of Technical Writing. So far, I have spent the better part of two days studying HTML.

I have not had much time to do what I have wanted to do. I want and need to work on my Night Lights story. I do continue to add bits and pieces to the outline. I am hoping to get more work done on that story very soon.


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