Adventures (further) in Unemployment and Medicine

Last week I was able to re-open my previous unemployment claim and yesterday I filed my claim for last week. No waiting week was required since I was re-opening a claim. However, since I was able to work one day that week, I will probably not be getting a check because I earned more that one day than my check for the week would have been. I’m actually fine with that.

I have already exceeded the required number job contacts for the week this morning so…let’s see what happens. I have also been contacted by several recruiters and been submitted for one position. We shall see what comes out of that activity.

Last week, I had another MRI on my legs and hips and we discussed the results with the surgeon who will be doing my biopsy. That procedure is scheduled for tomorrow and will hopefully provide the doctors with enough information to decide on a treatment plan for my legs. I would really like to get my mobility back again My wife had to mow the lawn yesterday. It was an odd feeling sitting in the house while she did that.

I have been taking some on-line training at in HTML. I want to also take the courses in XML and Adobe Framemaker and XMetal. This coursework should help me to get a job as a technical writer. I hope.

I am still working on the outline for my fantasy YA novel and am getting the urge to do some more short story writing. We’ll see what I have time for this week.



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