Adventures (further) in Unemployment and Medicine

We return this week to another week gone by without a job or a finalized diagnosis. God is giving me an opportunity to learn patience and to just wait on Him.

I had an interview for a really nice job on Monday. It is back in healthcare and doing some work that dovetails nicely with other work that I have done in the last few years. The only drawback is that it is at the edge of my commuting range. It would take about an hour to get there. I have heard that they like me, but continue to do interviews. I should hear sometime next week.

In the meantime, there are a couple of other opportunities that have surfaced. One is fairly local and the other may be primarily Work At Home (WAH) but would require regular trips to either California or Arizona. The details of the expectations of the WAH job are a bit sketchy still. We shall see. God is in control of these things, not me.

I still do not have the results for the biopsy done last week. My understanding is that the analysis is a two step process and is just time consuming. So, nothing new on that front either.

I also ran out of medical insurance on the 13th of this month. I am hoping to get the Cobra paperwork but, that has not appeared yet.

I would appreciate prayers for my attitude since being unemployed is always stressful for me and, when you add the pain on top of that, well…I am not always pleasant to be around these days.


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