More Adventures in Unemployment and Medicine

I have been remiss and did not post for that last couple of weeks. Primarily, that was because nothing really positive has happened.

On the job front, I did not get the healthcare job I interviewed for. They told me I was one of the final two, but they chose the other guy. No worries, God will provide and, in some ways, it was a relief that I was not going to be having to commute for two to two and one half hours each day. (That is me trying to find a nice takeaway from not being chosen.)

I did hear about another job that I would be qualified for and, once again, it is about an hour commute away from home. I have mixed feelings about it. I am a good fit for the job and was submitted with a strong chance for an interview. We shall see.

On the medical front, the biopsy determined that our preliminary diagnosis was incorrect. That puts us pretty close to square one in determining what is wrong with me (physically, that is). I started physical therapy and the therapist thinks that there may be a problem with my back that is causing all the symptoms. While that could be true, I would be astounded that all the doctors that I have seen did not think of that and eliminate it. Once again, we shall see.

I have been working on the prospect of shifting to some form of technical writing as a career change. However, most of the technical writing jobs require technical skills I do not have and, to be quite honest, will require writing about things that bore me to tears.

I want and need to find something to do that either comes from or incites a passion in me. I plan to spend time this week exploring that idea.

To that end, I am going to be devoting more time to this blog in order to share that journey and to spend more time writing.

Thanks for reading.

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