More Adventures in Unemployment and Medicine – an update….

I realized that I haven’t posted anything about these topics in awhile. So, here goes.

I am still unemployed. It seems that my industry has passed me by. Skills (coding and SQL) are required now that were not previously required. I used to have the required skillset, but I had a series of jobs that did not allow me to keep up with newer trends. So, the skills I used to have no longer fit. The only way to get the experience is to get it “on the job” and you can’t get a job doing it unless you have the skills. That age old catch-22 has now caught me.

As a result, I have been applying for Para-Educator positions with the local school districts. I have had some interviews, but have not been hired. Yet…my lack of mobility may be an issue there.

I applied for Social Security and will begin receiving that this month. That will help with the finances. That will not be enough, however, to allow us to keep our house. We can no longer maintain the mortgage payments. So, I will be contacting the bank that owns it to tell this to them later this morning. We will be joining the ranks of literally millions of others who are unable to keep up with house payments in these rough economic times.

On the health front, I finally got a diagnosis that there is a mechanical problem with my lower back that has been at the root of most of the symptoms I have been experiencing. I had an MRI on the last day of my old insurance that confirmed it. Now the problem is getting the treatment I need from a new doctor that accepts my new insurance.

The new insurance is one of the Obamacare plans and few doctors accept it because it is viewed as a DSHS/Medicaid/Medicare plan in the way it pays. I do have an appointment with a back specialist in a couple of weeks. I am hoping that he will have an effective treatment plan so I can stop hobbling around like an old man.

I will post a story tomorrow. Still haven’t decided which one yet.

In all of these struggles, I do acknowledge that God is in command of my situation and look to Him for guidance and comfort. No matter what happens, I will praise Him for He is able to make all things work together for good.


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