Eber and the Tower – Part 1

Here’s a little something to kick off the weekend. Part one of my story Eber and the Tower. It’s my take on the Tower of Babel with a personal twist. Enjoy!

Eber and the Tower

Genesis 11:1-9


The distressed sound rolled across the barnyard and echoed off the few tightly grouped buildings nestled among the trees of the lush valley creating a deafening combination of sound and echo that pierced the woman’s ears so much that she winced.


The woman covered her ears to shield them from the pain and at the same time she yelled, “Eber, what did you do to that poor goat? She’s screaming like you cut off her leg!”

Eber, who was sitting on a stool, milking another goat, turned to the sound of his wife’s voice.

“Nothing Adah, that’s just the problem. She needs to be milked and I haven’t gotten to her yet.”

Adah caught sight of her husband of many years as she walked quickly into the goat pen.

“Oh, I’ll take care of her then. Where are those sons of ours? Aren’t they supposed to be taking care of these goats?”

“I told them they could go into the city and see that tower. It seems to have everyone’s attention these days, it is getting taller each day and the boys curiosity seems to grow with it.”

Adah had gathered up a stool and a pail and was beginning to milk the anxious goat.

“I wish they’d never started building that thing. King Nimrod said he is doing it to show he is more powerful than God. That is an insult to the Lord.” Adah said.

“I know and I agree,” said Eber, “when we first settled here there was no one else around. But gradually over the years, more and more people have come to stay. Even more have shown up just to see that tower and to help with the work on it. Somehow, I don’t think that is what the Lord intended when he told Great Grandfather Noah to be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth. We’ve all been doing the first two but forgetting the third.”

# # #

Joktan was running, urging his older brother to keep up.

“Come on Peleg! It looks like they have put up two new levels since we were here last week!”

“What is it with you and this tower, Joktan? We have work to do at home. I’m sure I heard one of the goats bleating when we left. It’s our job to do the milking in the morning and…”

“Pop said the he would take care of it for us today, remember? Come on!”

“But, Joktan, why are you so determined to drag me to see this tower? It’s just another one of the many buildings that King Nimrod is putting up.”

“I don’t know, it’s just so….big…especially sitting on top of that hill. I’ve never seen anything so big in all my life.”

“It’s not bigger than the eastern mountains or the ones that the Ark rested on. What’s the big deal?”

“I know it’s not bigger than the mountains but, the mountains were made by…Pop’s God. This tower is being built by people. It’s like we were building it. I feel so proud to be a part of it all!”

“Proud to be a part of it? You’ve never done anything but come here and watch. Right? What are you talking about?”

“Well, I have been helping out, a little bit.”

“What? Joktan, how have you been helping them to build this tower?”

“Oh come on, Peleg, don’t look so shocked! It’s not like I’ve been down here every day. I just come down here a couple of times a week when we aren’t busy with our chores and do odd jobs, run errands, that sort of thing. The men working on the tower have been really nice to me. Look! They’re hoisting up another load of bricks for the next level. Let’s go see if we can help!”

Joktan took off running toward the construction site to look for the foreman. Quickly he was shaking hands with an older man and then began gesturing toward Peleg.

Peleg walked slowly toward the tower with his eyes on the work going on at the top. As he widened his view, he could see that not only was there a tower being built but a whole city as well. There were many buildings, tall buildings and a palace for King Nimrod. The city was teeming with people, all busy rushing to and fro.

What he didn’t see was a load of recently fired bricks someone was hoisting up from the kiln area with a crane headed right for his head.

Joktan saw what was about to happen to his brother.

He shouted a warning to him “Peleg, look out!”

* * *

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