New old stories – The Case of the Missing Bible – Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Jon settled into his seat in the classroom and then opened up his backpack to get his book out and noticed that his Bible was not there. He started to stand up to go back to get it when the Miss Watson entered the room and announced, “All right everyone. Take your seats, take out a sheet of paper and a pencil. We are having a pop quiz.”

Amidst the moaning, Jon tried to get the teacher’s attention. “Miss Watson”, he said. But with all the moaning and rustling going on, she didn’t hear him. She was busy writing the quiz questions on the board. Jon tried again to get her attention, a little louder this time. “Miss Watson”, he said. This time she turned around and looked at him. But instead of asking what he wanted, she said “Jon put your hand down, it’s time to start the quiz. Question number one” she started. Jon felt his heart sink down into his ample stomach.

As soon as class was over, Jon scrambled out of his desk, into the hall and ran back to the bench to look for his Bible; but, it was gone. He looked all around the bench and on the floor. Nothing. He decided to check the lost and found in the school office, but nothing had been turned in. He felt horrible. This was a brand new Bible that the church had given to him after committing his life to Jesus during the summer and now, it was gone.

On the way home from school, Jon talked with Sue and Andrea. “I know that I didn’t just mislay it somewhere. We were all together at that bench when I last saw it.” Andrea wondered out loud, “Why would anyone steal a Bible, most people go out of their way to avoid even talking about it?” “That’s true”, said Sue “most people wouldn’t…unless…” “Unless what?” interrupted Jon . “Unless they were really curious about it and didn’t want anyone to know”, replied Sue. “Jon , maybe whoever it was heard you repeating your memory verse and wanted to see it for themselves just like you wanted to. And when you left it on the bench in your hurry to get to class…” “And they saw an opportunity to read for themselves”, Andrea said excitedly. Jon chimed in with, “but instead of reading right there where anyone could see them, they took it to read later while they were alone!” “That’s just what I was thinking, too”, said Sue.

Jon stopped in his tracks on the sidewalk and wondered aloud excitedly, “well then it could be a good thing that I left it behind on the bench. Couldn’t it?” Sue laughed at her friend, “Yes Jon, it could be. But you were still a careless with it and now you don’t have it.” Jon deflated again and said, “Yeah, that’s right and it was a gift from the church too.” Jon then noticed a pebble on the sidewalk that seemed to need kicking; he kicked it and then started looking around for other pebbles to kick.

Andrea spoke up, “You know, Jon whoever it was that took your Bible could read it and want to ask Jesus to be their Saviour. We need to find out who it was so that we can help them if they do.” Sue’s face lit up, “That’s right! We can have a mystery to solve, someone to lead to the Lord and a new Christian friend to help grow!” “Wow, that is exciting!” said Jon having suddenly lost interest in kicking pebbles.

Sue grabbed a hand of each one of her friends and said “Let’s pray for whoever it is. Let’s pray that they read the verse and more of the Bible and come to know the Lord Jesus the same way that we do. Let’s pray that we can help them to know Jesus and to grow in Him.” “That’s a great idea, Sue” they both said. So right there on the sidewalk in Crescent City, on their way home from school on a sunny autumn afternoon, they prayed for a person that they did not even know. Jon prayed, “Lord, I’m really sorry that I was careless with my Bible leaving it behind like that, but you always work all things out for your own glory. Please take my mistake and turn it into something wonderful. Please help whoever it was to read my Bible and come to know you.” Sue followed with “And Lord, help us to be your servants in this. Help us to discover who it is and to help them get to know you and to lead them to your Son Jesus.” “And help us to become good friends to whoever it is and to help them to grow as a new Christian” Andrea said. And they all said together “In Jesus name, Amen!”

“Hey guys, let’s go to my house and talk this over with my mom. She always has good suggestions about how to do things. Let’s see what she has to say!” said Sue. Jon agreed immediately, “She makes just about the best cookies ever too. I just love her oatmeal raisin cookies!” Andrea and Sue looked at each other and laughed together and then Andrea said, “Jon , I don’t think you ever met a cookie that you didn’t like” while poking him lightly in his rounded middle. At that all three of them laughed and headed off to Sue’s house.



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