The Case of the Missing Bible – Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Sue lay in her bed, unable to sleep, looked out of her window at the moon and the stars and thought about the outreach program to the families on Highway 109 her dad had spoken of. He had said that some of those kids might even be attending her school. She wondered if she knew any of them. Then her mind drifted to the things that were disappearing at school. She suddenly wondered to herself if one of the kids from one of the motels on 109 were somehow involved. She shook her head and told herself that that wasn’t a fair thing to think. Just because a kid is poor doesn’t make them a thief.

She began to pray. “Jesus, you said in John 14:14 ‘If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.’ Well, Lord, I am asking in your name that you save whoever is doing the stealing at school. I am asking you to lead me to him or her so that I can tell them about you, Lord. Please help me to lead them to you. Thank you for always keeping all of your promises Jesus. Amen!” With those prayers on her lips and in her heart, Sue fell asleep.

Some distance away, in another part of town, another girl had trouble sleeping and was looking out her window at the same moon and stars. Instead of the peaceful silence of the Johnson household, she could hear police sirens in the night. She could hear the loud booming of someone’s car stereo as it passed by where she lay awake trying to sleep. She could hear the angry voices of that couple that lived on an upper floor of the motel that she and her family called home. The angry voices got louder and louder, finally reached a peak and ended with the slamming of a door, someone hurrying down the stairs, a car alarm chirping as it was turned off and the loud muffler of the car as it started up, drove away, tires squealing and stereo blasting and thumping as it accelerated onto the street. Those sounds faded into the wail of a woman weeping somewhere and the TV in the other room.

The girl looked again at the moon and the stars through her window. This time they were blurred by the tears in her eyes. She began to pray, “God, if you exist, please reach out to me and help me. I hate my life. I am surrounded by drunks, drug addicts, prostitutes and thieves. I am afraid that I have become a thief myself. I have been taking things at school. Today, I stole a Bible. God, I don’t know if you are real or not. But, I don’t want to become like everyone else here. I was reading in that Bible that I took that ‘…that everyone who believes in him may have eternal life’. I think that means that if I believe in Jesus that you will save me. I want to be saved. I want a different life than this one. I see lots of other kids at school that seem to be happy. I want that. I could see that in the kid that left the Bible behind. Please God, if you exist and if what it says in the Bible is true; then please save me. Keep me from becoming what I don’t want to be. Amen.”

With those words on her lips and in her heart, she cried herself to sleep. Again…


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