The Case of the Missing Bible – Chapter 9

Chapter 9

The next morning, as Sue was dressing for school, her eyes fell on her blue cashmere sweater in the closet. Picking it up, her fingers luxuriated in it’s softness. Of all the sweaters she owned, this was her favorite and a gift from her Gram Susie. “This ought to be good bait,” she said, put the sweater into her backpack and headed down the stairs toward the kitchen.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs she heard, “Mrs. Johnson, I think that you make about the best buckwheat cakes I have ever had! Oh, good morning Sue!” Jon smiled as he pushed another forkful of pancakes into his mouth. He often showed up in time for a second breakfast. She was surprised, though, to see Andrea at the table alongside Jon with her head nodding in agreement with what he had said. Noticing Sue, she waved and grinned with chubby cheeks because she had just taken a bite of buckwheat cakes and would not talk with her mouth full.

“Wow, we have a full house this morning, Mom. I know that Jon can smell your cooking almost clear to his house, but, this morning we have Andrea too. Nice!” Sue set her backpack down on the side table near the back door and was headed for an empty seat at the table between Jon and Andrea when a little whirlwind came rushing down the stairs, into the kitchen and into the chair she had begun to reach for. Stanley spoke up loudly and quickly, “Hey Jon , can we go play catch at the playground after school today, can we, can we, PLEEEEASE!!!” Jon had been in the middle of taking a large gulp of milk and was so startled by Stanley’s entrance and question that he nearly choked on the milk and came close to spitting it out . He had just managed to contain himself though, as you could see small dribbles of milk appearing at the corners of his mouth and a single white drop descending from his left nostril. Both Sue and Andrea could not contain their laughter. Andrea just managed to put her fork down before she doubled up at the sight of milk coming from Jon ’s nose and mouth. Sue had to turn away and cover her mouth to keep from laughing directly at Jon . Even Mrs. Johnson issued a small snicker as she handed Jon a second napkin to help him clean himself up.

When Jon finished wiping his face and catching his breath, he turned to Stanley and said, “Sure. That would be great! Do you want to catch with a baseball or a football?” Stanley, always eager to capitalize on Jon ’s time said, “Both! Can we do both?” “We sure can Stanley, we’ll do both. I’ll meet you here after school, OK?”

Sue looked at the clock on the kitchen wall and exclaimed, “Hey guys, we better get going or we’ll be late for school!” With that she quickly buttered a buckwheat cake and folded it in half, gulped down some milk while she, Jon and Andrea said their goodbyes to Mrs. Johnson and headed out the door toward school.

On their way to school, the trio talked excitedly about the work that the church was going to be doing with the mission. “What do you think that we can do?” asked Jon . Andrea responded, “Pastor Johnson said that we could knock on doors and invite the families to the mission or the church for some special services and things.” Sue added, “That’s right, he said that the mission was going to arrange for a doctor to be there to help the people with any health problems that they had. I think that the food bank at the church is going to hold a special drive to try to round up a couple of bags of groceries for each family and special activities would be put on for the small children.”

“Wow! That’s a lot of stuff to do,” said Jon . “But what can we do for the kids that might be older like us?” asked Andrea. “They aren’t going to be very interested in doing crafts & stuff with the little kids. We need to find something else to do to that will interest them.” “That’s right,” spoke up Sue, “We need to find something that would not only interest them, but also we need something that will introduce them to Jesus. I’ll bet most of them have never been to a church before and are going to be nervous about the whole thing.”

Jon responded as he held open the school door for his friends,“I think we should take some time to think and pray about it,” said Jon. “Good plan,” agreed Sue as she walked in. “Yup”, Andrea said as she looked back at Jon and nodded her agreement.


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