My first Susie story, Susie Gets Saved

Long after I had read all of the Susie & Johnny stories written by Dr. Brumfield, the stories and the characters lived on in my head and heart. I really felt like I wanted to add to the stories in some small way. I began writing some stories that might capture some of the feel of the old ones but in more modern settings. In my first attempt, I wanted to begin the same way Dr. B did and that was with the little girls salvation. I thought about how so many kids go to church but never get around to making a real decision for Christ. That sounded like a good premise for my first attempt. I wrote this some years ago and the writing reflects my obvious inexperience, but I still think it is a good story and over the next week or so, I will serialize it here. I will then follow that up with the stories that followed it. I hope you enjoy them.

Susie Gets Saved

By: S.C. Mathisen

“Mom, when is Gram Susie coming to visit?” Susie shouted to her mother, trying to be heard over the mixer. Her mother turned off the mixer and wiped her forehead.

“She and Grampa Johnny are coming tomorrow morning, sweetheart.”

“Oh,” Susie said “I better get Stanley’s toys out of the guest room.”

Mrs. Johnson responded, “That would be a big help, dear. I have been very busy baking Gram Susie’s favorite Cherry pie and some Oatmeal Raisin cookies for Grampa Johnny. Can you clean out that room now?”

“I sure can!” Susie exclaimed…already half way up the stairs.

It was an unusually hectic summer day around the Johnson household, besides the much anticipated visit of Pastor Tom Johnson’s parents; the church was also getting ready for its annual Missions Conference. Grampa Johnny and Gram Susie were to be the main speakers for the conference. They were going to be speaking about their years of service as missionaries for God in Africa.

Susie was always excited when her Gram & Grampa came to visit. After all, she had been named after Gram Susie and she always thought that being a missionary to Africa was very exciting. Susie had been going to church her whole life. Her Dad was the pastor of the small but energetic Grace Neighborhood Church in Crescent City. She had spent her whole life here and Africa was very far away and sounded so much like a grand adventure when she heard stories of lions, elephants and zebras. The pictures and old movies of the beautiful landscaper were captivating. But, most importantly, she thrilled to hear of God’s work there.

“Stanley, we need to clean up your toys so Gram & Gramps can use this room tomorrow” Susie told her brother when she arrived in the guest room.

“Aw, I’m in the middle of a game. Can we do it later?” he asked.

“No, Mom asked me to make sure that it got cleaned up now, so, it has to be now. Why don’t we pick these up now and then you can go out and play on the trampoline while I put them away?”

“Uh…OK! That sounds like fun!”

In no time at all the toys were back in the box and Stanley was scampering down the stairs, through the kitchen like a whirlwind and out to the backyard where the trampoline was.

Susie was several years older than her brother and could usually get him to do what she wanted. He was a great little brother and she watched over him like a little mother.

The phone rang and Susie ran downstairs to answer it, “Hello?” she said.

“Susie, this is Andrea can you come over and hang out for a while?”

“Oh, hi Andrea, I would love to but, I’m really busy helping my Mom get the house ready for my grandparents to come and visit tomorrow. I’m sorry. Hey! Would you like to come over and help me? We could pretend that we were playing house!”

“Susie, the last time we played house at your house we cleaned the whole second floor of your house. That doesn’t sound like that much fun to me!”

“We don’t need to do all of that this time Andrea. We just need to clean up the guest room. Stanley and I have been using it for a playroom and it’s kind of messy. After that we can have some milk and cookies. My Mom is making oatmeal raisin cookies for my Grampa Johnny and she always make extra.”

There was a short silence on the line.

“I don’t know Susie; it still doesn’t sound like that much fun.”

“Hey, let’s play on the trampoline after we’re done! Then we can have milk and cookies, OK?”

“Oh, yes, that part sounds like a lot of fun! I’ll be right over. Bye!” Andrea said and hung up the phone. Susie hung up and then went into the kitchen to tell her mother that Andrea was coming over to help her.

“Mom, Andrea is coming over to help me clean up the guest room and play on the trampoline, is that ok?”

Mrs. Johnson stopped what she was doing and looked at her daughter, “Susie, aren’t you supposed to ask me before inviting people to come over instead of while they are on their way?”

Susie said “Oops! Sorry Mom! Andrea has been over nearly every day this summer; I thought that it would be ok, especially since she is going to help me clean up the guest room.”

“Well, it will be ok. You know I like having Andrea over, but, I also like to be consulted before she leaves home instead of after. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Mom, I’m sorry” said Susie as she looked at the floor.

Mrs. Johnson touched her little girls’ soft blonde curls and said, “That’s alright sweetie, I love you and thank you for wanting to be such a big help. I appreciate it a lot.”



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