Susie Gets Saved – Part 2

Suddenly there was a loud THUNK from the back porch and a small whirlwind passed quickly through the kitchen, down the hall and up the stairs.

Susie looked up at her Mother and said “There goes Stanley back upstairs. I better make sure that he is going to play in his own room and not the guest room. I don’t want to clean up any more than I have to.”

“Ok, Susie, thank you again for being such a big help. I really am proud of you.”

“Thanks, Mom!” she said as she rushed up the stairs to catch up with her brother. Just then there was a knock at the back door, Mrs. Johnson walked over and opened it up to find Andrea standing there. “Hi Andrea, come on in! Susie is upstairs in the guest room.”

“Thanks, Mrs. Johnson. Wow, it sure smells good in here. Susie said that you were making cookies, but I see a pie too. Is that a cherry pie I see?”

“Yes it is Andrea; you have got pretty sharp eyes!” Mrs. Johnson remarked.

Andrea took another deep whiff of the aromas in the kitchen. “My mom used to bake a lot, but doesn’t much anymore since my dad moved away. But, I still remember the smell from then.” There was quiet for just a moment. Andrea took a big breath and said, “I’ll just go upstairs now, see you later Mrs. Johnson!” And off she went down the hall and up the stairs. You could hear the two girls greet each other excitedly.

Mrs. Johnson took just a moment to pray for Andrea and her mother. Life had been hard for them since her father divorced her mom and moved away with his girlfriend. Andrea had taken it very hard and her mother Lisa had been struggling to keep up the rent and the bills on their small apartment. “Lord, please keep a close watch on Lisa and Andrea. They are sweet people and have been coming to church off and on since the divorce. Please help them to come to know you. I pray in Jesus name, Amen.”  Mrs. Johnson made one mental note to talk to Susie to see if she knew if Andrea had accepted Jesus as her saviour and another to make time to talk to Lisa about the same thing and then got busy interweaving the top crust on the cherry pie while the 2nd tray of cookies was baking in the oven.



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