Susie Gets Saved – Part 5 – Conclusion

Andrea looked up at Mrs. Johnson with swollen, watery eyes that were just beginning to trickle down her little face and said, “Oh yes! Mrs. Johnson, I would like that VERY much. I know that I am a sinner too and I need to be forgiven and I want Him to help me now. Life is so hard sometimes I just can’t stand it and I really want to trust Him as my saviour. But, I need to know. Can Jesus save me, right now?”

Mrs. Johnson wiped away a few tears of her own and said, “Yes, He can save both of you. That’s why He died; to save us from our sins and to go to live with Him forever in Heaven when we die. But how do we really know, Mrs. Johnson. Can we really know that God will save us?” Andrea said.

Picking up her Bible, Mrs. Johnson said, “Here’s a verse that may help you. It’s in the book of Acts, chapter 2, verse 21. It says ‘And anyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.’ That means anyone. The apostle Peter is speaking here to a crowd of people in Jerusalem shortly after Jesus went back to heaven. Many of these people may have been the same ones in the crowd that night that chanted ‘Crucify Him!’ If this verse applies to the people that helped to crucify Jesus with their words, it also applies to us whose sins caused Him to be crucified. The Bible also says ‘For all have sinned; all fall short…’ that is in the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Romans chapter 3, verse 23. So you see, all of us are sinners. None of us really deserves to be forgiven or saved, but He offers it freely to us all. So, when it says that anyone can call on His name and be saved, He really means it and we have to really mean it too. Do you want to trust Him as your saviour…Andrea…Susie?”

Mrs. Johnson looked at each one of them right in the eyes. It was as though she were searching their hearts by looking at their eyes deeply. They each felt that and searched their hearts. It was very quiet for several moments.

Susie spoke first. “Mom, you know that I have believed since I was very little. I just never really asked to be saved before. But, I want to ask Him to save me now, more than anything.”

“Me, too” said Andrea. “I have been thinking about it a lot since we have been coming to your church and learning about Jesus. I know that my Mom thinks about it too. I can see it in her eyes when we listen to the Pastor Johnson’s sermons.”

Would you both like to pray with me right now?” Both girls looked at each other and then at Mrs. Johnson and said together, “YES!”

“And, so would I”, said a familiar voice from the back door. It was Lisa, Andrea’s mother. She had come over to check on Andrea and to talk to Mrs. Johnson about her own heart. She had arrived just as Susie began to explain her predicament. She stood there quietly, unnoticed, listening to Susie’s story and Mrs. Johnson’s questions and explanation. She had come with her own need and so, when the question was asked, she responded too.

Mrs. Johnson stood up quickly and asked Lisa to come in and have a seat at the table too. She then sat down and looked at everyone and said, “What a glorious moment this is going to be in heaven. It says in the Gospel of Luke, chapter 15, verse 10 that ‘the angels of God rejoice over one sinner who repents.’ And here are three of you.”

She paused to wipe away her own tears and then continued, “Pray with me please.” Each of them bowed their heads and their hands found the hands of those around them. Smiles appeared on all their faces. Mrs. Johnson spoke, “Please repeat after me, Lord Jesus, I know that I am a sinner. I need the salvation that you provided for me by dying on the cross. Lord Jesus, I believe that you are the Son of God. I ask that you forgive all of my sins and come into my life and become my Lord. Take my life Lord, save me and be the Lord of my life. Amen.”

After that, there was hugging and happy tears and talking and everyone forgot about the milk and cookies. After two girls hugged each other and their mothers, they took their milk and cookies and went outside to eat and talk. They would always know that they shared something very special that day and that it would last forever.

Susie now, also had a very special surprise for Gram and Grandpa.

# # #

I hope you all enjoyed this story. I have others to post and will do so soon.


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