Another story to share – Johnny Gets Saved

The next story in the original New Susie series. I hope you enjoy it. It is written in an older style that is reminiscent of the original Susie and Johnny stories.

New Susie Series #2 – Johnny Gets Wet and Saved

By: S.C. Mathisen

“Sure, I can show you how to fish Stanley! Why, I’ve been fishing just about my whole life! It’s nearly the most fun a guy can have!” Johnny boasted standing up as tall as he could, but still looking almost rounder than he was tall. Susie, Stanley’s older sister tried not to laugh. Susie was just about Johnny’s age. Stanley was several years younger and looked up to Johnny like he was an older brother.

“Wow!” said Stanley. He turned and looked up at Susie and said “Do you think that will be OK with Dad, Susie?” Susie and Stanley’s father was Pastor Tom Johnson of the small but energetic Grace Neighborhood Church in Crescent City.

“Oh, I’m pretty sure it will, Stanley. After all we’re going to hold the church picnic at Daley Creek Park in the mountains and it has a really nice river running right next to the picnic area”, Susie said cheerfully.

“Oh Boy!!” said Stanley while jumping up and down excitedly, “I’m gonna catch the biggest fish you ever saw!”

“That’s right! I’ll bet you will, Stanley!” Johnny said while still trying to be taller than he was, “I’ve got all the gear we’ll need and there is a great fishing hole right there next to the picnic area. It has a big flat rock that we can stand on to fish from too, so we don’t get all wet.”

“Wow! Wow!” said Stanley starting to run around in circles excitedly as he ran over to the playground and onto the monkey bars.

Johnny and his family had only recently begun attending Grace Neighborhood Church after  moving to Crescent City from a small town in the Midwest about six months earlier when his father had taken a new job. They were very active in church activities and Susie and Johnny were starting to become good friends because they went to the same school, were in the same grade and both were involved at the church.

Susie was more than a little concerned about Johnny because he didn’t seem as interested in prayer and scripture memorization as she was. Also, He had never declared to the kids at school that he was a Christian. He seemed more interested in playing sports. He seemed to know all the right things to say, but she wasn’t sure that had ever really taken Jesus as his saviour. She was keeping a close eye on Johnny and was waiting for an opportunity to talk it over with him.

Susie looked at her watch and shouted over to the playground, “Stanley, it’s time to get home for supper. We don’t want to be late. Mom is making your favorite dinner, meatloaf.” “Oh boy, I nearly forgot”, Stanley exclaimed loudly as he jumped down from the monkey bars and headed toward home.

“See you on Saturday, Johnny” he shouted as he raced away.

Susie looked at Johnny who had now returned to his former height. “I’ll see you on Saturday too Johnny, thank you for offering to teach Stanley how to fish. Dad has been pretty busy lately with his duties at the church and hasn’t had time this summer to do the things with Stanley that he would like. It’s very kind of you.”

Johnny took a sudden interest in his shoelaces, then sort of shuffled his shoes around in the dust for a moment, and then said, “Ah, it’s nothing. He’s a great kid and I don’t have a little brother to teach stuff to, so it’s fun for me.”

“Look, I’d better get home too” Susie said, “I’ll see you on Saturday at the picnic. Thanks again!” With that, Susie turned and ran off in an effort to catch up with Stanley and then walk the last block home together. Johnny sat down on the picnic table again and watched her walk away.

Johnny’s began to talk to himself “That sure is a special family. There is something about them that I don’t quite understand; something about them that I would like to have. I’m just not sure what it is.” And with that, Johnny turned and headed toward his own home.


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