Johnny Gets Saved – Part 5

A moment later he grabbed his head and tried to sit up. He stopped about halfway, groaned and lay back down on the sand again and said, “What happened? The last thing I remember is banging my head on a real big rock.”

“I saw that and went for the next one myself.” Susie said. I was able to crawl up on it and here to the shore where I found you face down in the water. I pulled you up and turned you over. You threw up some water and started breathing again. I guess that knock on the head stunned you and you just floated in here. God must have been watching over you Johnny!”

“Wow, I guess He must have been. I remember asking him to save me and then here I was…with you!” said Johnny excitedly. “I guess my prayer got answered real quick!”

“I think that you must be right, Johnny. Do you remember in Matthew when Peter was walking on the water with Jesus and then started to sink? He said the same thing to the Lord. He said ‘Lord, save me’ and Jesus just reached right down and grabbed him and saved him”

“Wow, now the same thing happened to you!” She exclaimed. “Did you really mean it, Johnny?”

“What? What do you mean ‘did I really mean it’? Of course I did, I wanted to get out of the river. I didn’t want to drown, though I nearly did. If you hadn’t been here to pull me out, I guess I would have.” Johnny stammered, trying to change the subject.

“No, Johnny, what I meant was, do you really want Jesus to save your soul?” Susie looked Johnny right in the eyes stared deeply at him.

Johnny continued to sputter and stammer for another few seconds and then said, “Just what do you mean by that? We go to the same church don’t we? We go to the same youth group don’t we? We go to the same Sunday School class don’t we?”

Susie responded quickly, “Yes we do all of those things together, but none of those things will get you into heaven.”

Susie looked at him ever more intently than before, “Johnny, have you ever asked Jesus into your heart and to be your Saviour?”

Johnny couldn’t seem to get his mouth working enough to argue with her. All he could get out was “You know I think that we ought to be heading back to the picnic grounds. Everyone will be looking for us.”

He then tried standing again and succeeded this time, but felt very lightheaded and woozy once he got up. Susie stood up, steadied him, and helped him over to a log that was on the riverbank. He sat down willingly and steadied himself on the log with his hands. “Whoa! My head was in the river swimming again. Wow, was I dizzy!” he exclaimed.

“Maybe we better wait here for awhile” said Susie. “I think that you might be right,” said Johnny weakly.


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