The After School Bible Adventure Club – Part 1

“The After School Bible Adventure Club”

By: S.C. Mathisen

(Note: Part of this story is an homage to the original Susie and Johnny stories written by Dr. J C Brumfield for the Radio Kids Bible Club. Those stories inspired these and, this one scene was so powerful, I included a version of it in this story.)

One day at school Susie and Andrea came out of the girl’s room and found Johnny sitting on a bench in the school courtyard with his Bible open on his lap, staring off into the sky. As they got closer, they could see that his lips were moving. They looked at each other and then walked over to where he was sitting. As they got closer to him they could hear “John 3:15 “…that everyone who believes in him may have eternal life” John 3:15, John 3:15 “…that everyone who believes in him may have eternal life” John 3:15….” “Johnny” said Susie “are you reviewing your memory verses from AWANA?”

“Yup, I don’t want to forget them. These were some of the first verses that I ever learned” he said. “I especially want to remember this one because it reminds me that Jesus wants everyone to have eternal life like we have and I want all of my new friends here at school to know it too!”

Johnny’s enthusiasm was infectious and soon our little trio was talking about starting their very own bible club at school.

“What should we call it?” asked Andrea, turning to look at Susie.

“I don’t know…yet,” said Susie with a thoughtful look on her face. “I think that we should pray about it and see what the Lord suggests to us.”

“That’s a great idea,” said Johnny. “Besides, lunch is over and we need to get back to our classroom in a hurry!”

After school was out for the day, the three friends were walking home still talking excitedly about their idea for a Bible club at their school. Johnny turned to his friends and said, “You know, we’ll need a teacher to be our advisor and I was thinking that Mr. Christopherson would be a really great; especially since he is our Sunday school teacher too.” Both Susie and Andrea thought that was a great idea too, and it was decided that they would talk to Mr. Christopherson the next day before their science class.

As the three friends said their prayers that night, they each prayed for their club and asked the Lord to give them a name that would tell the other kids at school what being a Christian was all about.

The next morning on their walk to school each excitedly shared what they had thought of and prayed about the night before. When Johnny mentioned memorizing verses, Susie responded,

“That’s a great idea Johnny. Memorizing will help us more when things get hard and when we are tempted to sin.”

“And when we witness to other kids” he replied. Andrea then told about her idea to do chores and errands for the elderly people in the neighborhood.

“Hey, Andrea that’s great too” said Johnny. “Did you think of a name for our group Susie” Johnny asked.

Susie looked at her two friends, “No, I didn’t. I was hoping that one of you would. Did you think of anything Andrea?”

“Nope, sorry” Andrea responded while shaking her head.

“We’ll just have to keep praying about it…God will give us something really great, I’m sure” said Susie.



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