The After School Bible Adventure Club – Part 2

Before their science class, they went to Mr. Christopherson’s desk to ask him to be their advisor. You see Mr. Christopherson is also their Sunday School teacher.

“Guys” he responded “I would love to do that. In fact I have been thinking lately about asking you if you wanted to have that kind of group. I haven’t figured out what you might call it though. Have you thought of anything?”

Susie spoke up, “Not yet, Mr. Christopherson. But, we’re praying that God will give us one for it. You know, while we continue to think about it, Christian Service Club doesn’t sound to bad. What do you guys think about that?”

After school, they picked up the application for the club at the school office before they went home. Susie volunteered to feed them a snack at her house while they filled it out.

“That’s a great idea, Susie. Maybe your mom has made some cookies. I’m hungry” said Johnny rubbing his rounded stomach. The two girls looked at each other and laughed at their friend.

Well, Mrs. Johnson did have some freshly made cookies. Susie and Andrea began to fill out the application while Johnny helped Mrs. Johnson serve the milk and cookies.

Susie looked up from the application and said, “What do we really want to call our club?”

Andrea spoke first, “You know, it’s an after school club so why don’t we just call it the “After School Club”?”

“I kind of like that,” said Johnny while he was taking another generous bite from a warm cookie.

“These cookies are some of your best yet Mrs. Johnson, thank you!”

“You’re welcome, Johnny.” Mrs. Johnson responded.

Susie leaned back in her chair, “I think that it needs something. The name ought to tell people that it’s a Christian club and that we will be studying and memorizing the Bible.”

Susie’s face lit up and then she sat straight up and said, “Let’s call it the “After School Bible Club”?”

“Wow, that’s real good too, Susie. But, you know, being a Christian can really an adventure too and we’re going to be looking for lots of ways to serve people. So why don’t we call it the “After School Bible Adventure Club”?

Johnny then took a big drink of his cold milk and then leaned back in his chair.

Susie and Andrea looked at each other with surprise at their friend’s suggestion and then both said at the same time, “I like it!”

Johnny smiled and then said, “So ‘The After School Bible Adventure Club’ it is. Write that down on the form Susie.” And she did.

They took the form to school the next day and showed it to Mr. Christopherson. He agreed heartily with the name for the club, signed the form and they turned it in to the office. Mr. Christopherson arranged a room for them to meet in and suggested that they meet on Tuesday’s right after school. Now they could put their ideas into action.



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