The After School Bible Adventure Club – Part 5 – The End

“But, you know what? I’m not gonna throw this back at you. I gonna drop it right here and ask you again, what can I do for you? I’m not even gonna get mad at you for doing that. You see Freddie, I’m a Christian and I forgive you for trying to hurt me. I forgive you for putting my friends in danger of being hurt. I just want to know how I can help you.”

Well, Freddie was really confused now. He looked at his friends. And they just looked back at him. They were waiting to hear what he had to say.

But, he didn’t know what to say. No one had ever talked to him like that before. He just balled up his fists and yelled back.

“You just wait fat boy. I’m gonna get you. I’m gonna get even with you when you don’t have your girlfriends around. We’ll get you when you’re alone. You just wait.”

Freddie and his buddies took off running, ran around the corner, jumped on their bikes and rode off.

Johnny walked over to the curb on the street and sat down. Susie and Andrea sat down with him.

“Whew! You guys sure were a big help to me. I know that you were praying. I could feel it.”

He looked at the girls who were nodding. Andrea spoke up first.

“I figured that praying was the most important thing I could do. You needed God to be with you right then. I asked him to give you courage and to not be afraid.”

Johnny laughed nervously.

“Well it sure worked. When Susie reminded me of our memory verse and I started repeating it, everything changed inside me. I was reminded that Freddie and his pals don’t know Jesus as their Saviour and we do. It was my job to try to love him like it says in another of our memory verses.

What was that again? Oh yes John 15:12 ‘My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.’

I had to show him somewhat love looked like. That’s how I could overcome evil with good like it says in this week’s verse for the After School Bible Adventure Club.”

The two girls laughed.

“Well we sure had an adventure today,” said Susie.

Johnny said, “Hey let’s thank God for helping us out here. He helped us to make a difference in Freddie’s life today. Let’s pray for Freddie too. Maybe we can share Jesus with him.”

Our friends sat right there on the curb and prayed, thanking God for his help, asking him to touch Freddie’s heart and thanked Him for the After School Bible Adventure Club. When they were done Susie said, “You know, I think my mom was going to make some cookies this afternoon. Does that sound good to you guys?” Johnny and Andrea were up on their feet quickly and headed for Susie’s house ahead of her. “Hey wait for me” she said as she ran to catch up with them. The all began to laugh as they walked.


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