The Workers in the Grocery Store – Part 1

The Workers in the Grocery Store

By: God

Adapted by: S.C. Mathisen


Not so very long ago, and not so very far away, we find our friends Johnny and Susie going over their homework together in the library at their school. They were just finishing up their math and started talking about some news that Johnny had been excited to share.

“So the phone rang last night and it was my Uncle Klaus. He had just arrived in town from the Midwest where we used to live. He and my Aunt Harriet had just sold their grocery store back home and moved out here to Crescent City,” explained Johnny. “That’s right,” said Susie “I remember you telling me about them and that they were going to come out here. What are they going to do? Are they going to open another grocery store?” “Absolutely, they just loved running their store back home, but they wanted to live somewhere where they were closer to the mountains.” “They came out to visit us last summer and really liked it here, so they decided to move here. They will be staying with us until they find a place of their own.”

Susie sat and thought for just a minute and said, “You know, Johnny, that building across the street from the Murphy’s bakery is that building that the Nguyen’s used for their grocery store before they decided to open their Vietnamese restaurant. Maybe they should look at that building for their store. It still has all the fixtures in it and stuff and it’s just been sitting vacant since they moved out.”

Johnny perked up and responded with excitement, “That’s right! And it has an apartment above the store so they could live there if they wanted to. That’s great Susie!” Johnny started gathering up his papers, notebooks and things. “I want to run home and tell them right away. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Ok, Johnny, I have some more homework to finish. See you in the morning!” Susie waved goodbye to Johnny as he hurried out of the library. Susie then turned her attention back to her books and started working on her assignments again.

Now, just in case you haven’t heard any of the stories with Susie and Johnny before, they are two kids that are best friends and both of them became Christians the same summer. They love talking to people about Jesus and they have lots of fun and adventures together as they learn and grow in their faith.

Two weeks later…Uncle Klaus and Aunt Harriet had rented the building that Susie had suggested and were working hard getting the store ready to open. We find our friends walking together on their way to school. Susie asks Johnny, “Hey Johnny, how are your aunt and uncle doing getting their new grocery store ready to open?” “Oh, they are doing just great, Susie. In fact they will be getting their stock today and, with tomorrow being Saturday, Uncle Klaus has hired me to help him stock the shelves. He said that he would pay me $50 to help him all day tomorrow.” “That’s great Johnny that will help you save up more money for that mountain bike that you’ve been wanting so much” responded Susie. “It sure will,” Johnny said excitedly. “Uncle Klaus told me that if I do a good job, he would think about having me help out at the store on a regular basis and that way I could keep working on saving the money for the bike and get it a lot sooner.” “Wow! That’ll be great Johnny!”


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