Abram Goes to War – Part 3

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In the morning, Kenan went down to the river where he had hauled the boar, cut some meat out of the carcass to roast for breakfast. The smell of the meat, while it was cooking over the fire reminded him of how hungry he was. He hadn’t really eaten a meal since before the battle two days before. After devouring the succulent meat, Kenan washed up at the river, packed up his things and headed for Hebron once again,

Two days later Kenan arrived in Hebron and was greeted at the edge of Abram’s camp by an armed man. He told the man who he was, why he was there and was quickly taken to see Abram. As he was ushered into a tent and Kenan soon realized that although he literally dominated the interior of this tent, Abram wasn’t a really large man. But somehow his presence was larger than life. He was instructing some of his men on the things that he expected to be done that day. When that task was finished, the armed man spoke softly to Abram, who then turned his full attention to Kenan.

“Hello son, I hear that you have some important news for me about my nephew Lot. What sort of trouble has he gotten himself into this time?” He asked.

Kenan bowed low and began, “My lord, your nephew Lot, his family and all of his goods have been taken by King Kedorlaomer, one of the four kings that made war on the King of Sodom and the other four kings that were his allies.”

Abram leaned over, took Kenan by the arm and pulled him up, “There’s no need for that son, let’s sit down here. You just tell me what happened. Then we’ll see what can be done.”

Kenan started at the beginning and told Abram the whole story of the yearlong standoff, the story of the battle, seeing Lot and his family carried off by the enemy and finished with what he found on the battlefield when he woke up among the dead.

He watched Abram’s face with great interest as he told the story. He could tell that the great man was moved by the hardship that they endured and the horror of the battle. But, he was never once frightened or angry. His focused all of his attention on Kenan as though they were the only two that mattered in the world. When Kenan got to the part about Lot and his family being captured and hauled away as slaves, Abram’s face began to show a determination.

When Kenan ended the story, Abram smiled and said, “Thank you for coming to tell me. You did a very brave thing coming all this way to tell me the news. How old are you Kenan?”

“I am fifteen my lord,” replied Kenan sat up straight to show off his full height.

“A very grown up fifteen you are. Thank you, I must pray and seek the Lord’s will on what to do.” He called in one of his servants and gave orders to take Kenan to some place where he could be fed, get cleaned up and rest after his long journey. After washing and eating Kenan was taken to a tent where he could put his things and rest.

After several hours, there began a flurry of activity in the camp. Kenan was trying to rest but couldn’t at first with all the voices speaking of preparations to be made and supplies to be gathered for a journey. With those sounds in his ears, Kenan finally drifted off into a restless sleep. He was wondering what role Abram’s God played in all of this when sleep overtook him. In Kenan’s dream, he was faced with a situation where he had to choose between Lot’s many gods or Abram’s one God. He couldn’t decide.

In the morning when Kenan awoke, he was surprised to hear many animals milling around and men talking excitedly just outside his tent. He hurriedly got himself dressed and went outside to see what the commotion was all about. The first thing he saw was Abram giving orders to a group of men. Kenan stepped closer to try to hear what was going on.

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