Abram Goes to War – Part 4

It seems that overnight Abram had assembled a small army of over three hundred trained fighting men from among his own people and his allies Aner, Eshcol, and Mamre. He was preparing for a mission to rescue his nephew Lot and his family. One of the men standing near Abram noticed Kenan standing there said something to him and then pointed in Kenan’s direction. Abram turned, looked in his direction and then called him over and said, “Kenan my boy, we are going to rescue my nephew and his family. With all that you’ve been through in the few days, are you interested in coming along?”

“Yes, my lord” Kenan responded quickly. “How soon do we leave?”

Abram laughed and slapped him on the back, “That’s what I like to hear. We leave within the hour. Get yourself some food, pack up your gear and meet us here when you are done. And wait, one more thing. Hagar?”

A pretty young girl came running, “Yes master?”

“Get our healer to take a look at this young man’s leg and get him ready to travel.”

The girl looked at Kenan, smiled and said, “Yes my lord, immediately.” She then grabbed Kenan by the hand and pulled to a large multicolored tent.

When they got inside, Kenan saw an old man seated at a table with a large number of branches and leaves hanging upside down above it. The old man seemed be crushing some dried leaves.

The girl spoke loudly, “Uncle Javan, father Abram wants you to take care of this man’s leg so that he can travel with the rescue party.”

The old man turned around, looked at Kenan and said, “Hmmm, he’s got quite a nasty gash there. Is that from a sword, young man?”

“Yes sir, it is. I was in a battle several days ago.”

“Sit here and let me take a look at it. Hagar, you’ll have to let go of his hand now.”

Hagar quickly released Kenan’s hand, stepped back and looked embarrassed.

The old one laughed and then spoke to Kenan, “I’m afraid she’s taken a liking to you young man. Now, let me take a look at that leg. Oh, it’s not as bad as it might have been. You washed this out didn’t you?”

Kenan replied, “Yes sir, I did. I camped near a river a couple of nights ago.”

“Well I’ll make a poultice from these leaves here and bandage you up. You’ll be as good as new in a few days.

As soon as Javan was done applying the poultice and the bandage he said, “There you go young man. You’re healthy and you’ll heal quickly.”

“Thank you, sir!”

Kenan turned to go and caught a glimpse of Hagar peeking into the tent. She quickly pulled he head back when he saw her. As soon as he got outside he looked around and couldn’t see her anywhere, then he took off running to get his things together and get some food. No sooner had he arrived back at the rendezvous that they left.

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