Kenan and Hagar – Part 2

Kenan left Hagar’s tent confused and a little angry. He walked quickly to his tent, tossed his cloak down on the floor and slumped down onto his bed. He lay in the dark, staring out the door of his tent at the stars, listening to the wind and tried to figure out what was going on.

“What’s wrong with her? Did I say something to make her mad at me?”

He thought about that for a minute and decided, “No, she didn’t sound mad, she sounded more like she was sad and confused by something. What could it be?”

Kenan lay down on his bed but only slept fitfully, dreaming about Hagar.

The next morning, Abram sent for Kenan. “Kenan, my boy, I want you to take a party of hunters over to the mountain sides in the south and bring us back some wild game meat. I want to have a huge feast to celebrate my new wife, Hagar.”

Kenan’s heart felt like it was going to burst out of his chest when he heard this, but he only said, “Yes master. I’ll take my hunters and bring back a lot of game for the feast.”

“Thank you, Kenan. I know that I can count on you.” Abram smiled and put his hand on Kenan’s shoulder and gave it a squeeze.

“I’ll get started right away,” Kenan said. He then smiled weakly, turned and walked away quickly. Within an hour, he and a party of three other hunters were loaded and headed south.

Hagar came out of her tent in time to see the hunting party head off. She thought she saw Kenan turn and look back at her briefly.

She thought back to when they first met. He was a striking young warrior that had survived the massacre of the five king alliance that included the king of Sodom where Abram’s nephew Lot and his family lived. Kenan had been one of Lot’s servants and had seen Lot and his family carried off by the victorious kings. He had arrived wounded, bloody and dirty from his journey to tell Abram the news. He had survived the attack of a wild boar and ended up eating it.

How her young heart thrilled at the sight of him then.

They become fast friends and, as they both grew up, something more was emerging from their friendship.

“But—that was then, and this is now,” she thought to herself. “That something is now lost forever.”

Her heart sank and then she headed off to her duties for the day. Being Abram’s new wife did not make her any less Sarai’s slave.

Resentment took root and began to grow in her young heart.


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