Kenan and Hagar – Part 3

Resentment took root and began to grow in her young heart.

At the marriage feast the following week, Hagar stood, dressed in finer clothing than she had ever worn before, in the midst of all of the guests feeling honored, but oddly out of place.

There was a line of people each waiting their turn to wish her well. After that was the meal. She was ushered to the head table and seated next to Abram. Sarai sat on the other side.

She saw Kenan eating with the other warriors and hunters. She even caught his eye briefly once, but he immediately looked away. She began to feel very lonesome and alone. She had lost her best friend.

A couple of weeks after the wedding feast, Hagar woke up feeling sick to her stomach. She wanted to throw up and, at first, she didn’t know why.

“Arpa, would you please tell my mistress Sarai that I am ill and will not be able to attend her today?” Hagar asked her friend and fellow slave. Arpa was an older woman that had always treated Hagar as if she were her daughter.

“What is wrong, my child? Are you feeling chilled or achy?” Arpa asked.

“No, it’s something wrong with my stomach. I feel like I want to vomit.”

Arpa walked over to where Hagar slept, knelt down and looked intently at her. Then with a knowing, thoughtful look in her eyes asked, “How many weeks since you were given to Master Abram as his wife?”

Hagar looked up into Arpa’s eyes, “almost three weeks now”.

Arpa rocked back on her heels, touched Hagar’s forehead and said, “I believe that you are fulfilling the role set out for you by your mistress Sarai.” Arpa suppressed a little giggle, “I believe that you are with child, little one.”

Hagar’s heart seemed to both stop and to beat out of her chest. She looked into Arpa’s eyes and said, “Pregnant? But… but… so soon? Oh!”

Hagar rolled back onto her bed holding her stomach first and quickly to her mouth.


Arpa stood and smiled, “Do not worry, my child. We will all be here with you during this blessed time. I will go and tell your mistress the joyous news.”

“Oh no, here it comes!” Hagar jumped up and ran out of the tent in a big rush to find someplace to vomit.


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