Kenan and Hagar – Conclusion

After the Angel of the Lord left Hagar, she sat down to think for a few minutes. Then she began to weep and pray, “Lord God of my master Abram, I am so sorry. I have felt so alone and angry. But, now I know that you are with me and watching over me. I will go back to my master Abram and my mistress Sarai and do as they bid me to do. Please forgive such a small one as me and help me to do better. Thank you for the promises you made to me here today. Thank you for seeing me.”

With that Hagar stood up and was just turning to head back to Abram’s camp, Kenan came along with a hunting party. They were also returning to the camp and with their catch.

“Hagar? Is that you”, came the voice from the top of a small rise.

Hagar turned in the direction of the voice and saw Kenan and two other men leading pack animals loaded with dressed meat for the camp.

“Kenan, wha…what…what are you doing out here?”

“We are returning from a hunt. May we escort you back to the camp?”

Hagar’s eyes looked toward the ground, “Yes, I would appreciate that very much. How…how are you? I have not seen you for awhile?”

“I am doing well. Master Abram has been keeping me busy hunting and guarding the borders of our camp. We have been having trouble with raiders from the East.”

He leaned down and looked into her eyes. Once he looked her in the eyes, she couldn’t look away from him.

He continued, “I have heard of the strife between you and Mistress Sarai. Is that why you were out here? Were you running away?”

She blushed and smiled at him, “You always could tell what was on my mind, even when we were younger. Yes, I kept finding myself jealous and angry with her. She finally stopped putting up with my antics and started being mean back to me, so I ran away. I was going to try to find my way back to my family in Egypt, but the Lord, the God of Master Abram found me in the desert and told me to return.”

She then told him the whole story of her encounter with God in the desert.

“It sounds to me like the Lord has a plan for your life, Hagar,” said Kenan who continued to look her in the eyes. Then he began shuffling his feet on the ground and kicking at a rock. “Look, Hagar, in spite of everything that has happened, I still want to be your friend. I meant it when I said I wouldn’t stop caring about you. So, can we still be friends?”

Hagar’s heart leaped within her; she blushed slightly and then smiled, “Oh, I would like that very much.”

Kenan smiled back and said, “Then I had better get you back to camp, my little friend. You have some bridges to mend.”

And off they went back to the camp.

So Hagar gave Abram a son, and Abram named him Ishmael.  (Gen 16:15)

Abram was eighty-six years old when Ishmael was born.  (Gen 16:16)


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