God Cares for Me – Part Two

After walking for another half hour, Mr. Christopherson stopped and said “OK guys, let’s take break. Find a place to sit  down. I have some special energy bars in my backpack that will help you feel better and stronger for the rest of the trip. Get out the ”

He asked a few of the kids to help him to pass them out while everyone also got out their bottles of water to drink.

Andrea and Susie were really hungry, finished their bars quickly and decided to do a little exploring while everyone else was finishing their food. Andrea noticed that the trail branched off into two trails. One went up the side of the valley into the sunshine. The other trail stayed beside the stream and led into an area with a lot of really big trees that looked kind of dark and scary.

“Which way do you think we should go, girls?” Mr. Christopherson asked from behind them.

Susie was somewhat startled by the question as they did not know that Mr. Christopherson had come up behind them.

Susie thought for a second and asked “Which way is the safest way to get where we are going to?”

“Only one way gets us to our campsite. But, which way would you choose? The bright and sunny one or the one that looks dark and gloomy?”


“I could just take a vote of all the boys and girls that are along today, some would go one way, some another. But only one way gets us to our goal, and I will not let you go the wrong way. It’s my job to get you to the campsite safely, and that is the way we will go.”

“That probably means that it’s the way that looks dark and gloomy.” said Andrea.

“That’s right,” responded Mr. Christopherson “but I know the way through there to the other side. Also, I will be there to protect you and calm your fears. You can call on me anytime, and I will answer you.”

Susie looked up at Mr. Christopherson thoughtfully for a moment and then asked, “Why?”

“Why what?”

“Why are so determined to keep us safe and to get us to our campsite safely? What if we run into a bear or a mountain lion or something?”

“When I accepted the job as your teacher and the responsibility of taking you on this trip, I agreed to be your shepherd. I agreed to guard you with my life. I do that to honor God.”

Psa 23:4  Even when I walk through the darkest valley, I will not be afraid, for You are close beside me. Your rod and Your staff protect and comfort me.


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