The Promises of God with Stanley – Part 2

Stanley:                       Oh yes! How about David when he had to face the giant Goliath?

Mr. Mathisen:             That is good, Stanley. Let’s see what was David doing before that?

Stanley:                       Wasn’t he a shepherd?

Mr. Mathisen:             Yes, all of David’s older brothers were fighting in the army while David was back home taking care of the sheep.

Stanley:                       That must have been boring.

Mr. Mathisen:             Not really, you see sometimes David had to fight off lions and…

Stanley:                       Lions and tigers and bears?

Mr. Mathisen:             Almost, it was just lions and bears. You see, sometimes a lion would try to capture one of the sheep and David would have to go whack the lion and get the lamb back from him. Sometimes he had to kill the lion. Other times he had to fight off a hungry bear. But you see, lot’s of people would think about what mighty warriors they were if they could do that, but David knew that it was God that was helping him. He knew that God was giving him the courage and the strength to fight them off, and that is a pretty important thing to know.

His father asked him to go to the battlefield to take some food to his brothers and to see how they were doing.

As David arrives at the battle camp, the Israelites and Philistines are lined up on opposite sides of the valley hurling sticks and stones and insults at each other. On the Philistine side Goliath, a giant twelve feet tall, is lined up in the middle of their line. He is yelling something at the Israelites. “I have put the armies of Israel to shame this day. Send your champion out to fight me. If I win, you will become our slaves. If your champion wins, we will become your slaves.” Then all of the Philistines yelled insults at the Israelites. Goliath then said very loudly, “I think that you all are a bunch of cowards and your God is a fake!”

When David heard that, he became very angry. He knew that his God was not a fake. David had spent many hours in prayer while he was with the sheep. God had given him courage and strength to fight wild animals. God was not a fake.

David went immediately to where his brothers were to deliver the food. He could see that they were afraid of Goliath.

Goliath stepped out and yelled again, “I think that you all are a bunch of cowards, and your God is a fake!”

This made David even madder, and he asked “who is this Philistine, that he has put shame on the armies of the living God?”

David went to King Saul and asked permission to fight Goliath. King Saul gave David his own armor to wear in the battle against him. But, when David put it on, it was way too large and kept him from moving around, so he took it off. He said to the king, I am not used to fighting in all this armor. God will protect me as He always has.

So David, wearing his normal shepherd clothes took his walking stick and stopped to pick up five small round smooth stones from the bed of the stream that ran through the valley.


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