The Story of Esther – Part 3

At the palace, she was given the finest clothing, the most expensive beauty treatments and the best food in all the land. She was soon kept so busy every day with new activities that she forgot that this was all designed to make her even more beautiful to the king. They must have worked because, as soon as the king saw Esther, he seemed to forget all the other young women and made her his queen. Queen Esther of Persia! Esther was excited, proud and frightened all at once, but remembered what Mordecai had told her about being strong and courageous. When she remembered that, she prayed to the Lord for strength and felt much better.

Now, Mordecai went on with his duties as the gatekeeper at the King’s Gate to the city. He thought about Esther every day and would often walk by the palace to see if he could catch a glimpse of her. Soon they discovered that they could send messages to each other by way of her servants, and Mordecai also would visit her window occasionally and continued to encourage Esther in her new life.

One day at the gate, Mordecai heard some men talking about a plan to kill the king…


Ali:                              We got the WORD Abdul! We got a dozen of the kings own guards in on it with us, and we’re gonna do it TONIGHT!

Abdul:                         Are you sure about everything, Ali? We don’t want no slip-ups. Are you sure we can count on them guards?

Ali:                              Yeah, it’s gonna be a cinch! The high prince that’s planning this thing has left nothing to chance. He’s got it all planned down to the last detail. We’re gonna be rollin’ in gold!

Abdul:                         Yeah, I can feel it in my hands already. HA HA HA HA…..

Mr. Mathisen:             Now Mordecai sent a hurried message to Esther and told her all about what he had heard. She sent a servant to the King saying that “Mordecai the Jew overheard a plot on the king’s life”. The king investigated the plot and stopped the plotters in their tracks. Mordecai had saved the life of the king. But…the king forgot…and the whole incident was soon forgotten. And, no one suspected the Queen Esther was Mordecai’s cousin or that she was herself a Jew.

Now one of the King’s highest advisors was an evil man named Haman. Haman was a very proud man and demanded that everyone bow to him whenever he walked by. He would go through the King’s Gate and demand that everyone bow to him as he went through it. Everyone did, that is, except for Mordecai. You see, as a Jew, Mordecai would bow to no one except God. Everyone else saw that and that made Haman really mad. And, because Mordecai would not bow to him, Haman began to try to think of a way to get back at Mordecai for embarrassing him. After thinking for awhile, Haman decided to not only get even with Mordecai but with all of the Jews in the whole land. One day he went to go see the king…

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