Night Lights in the Forest – 2

Once again a draft version of my WIP

Chapter Two

Approaching the edge of the forest, the lights became bigger and brighter, and the tinkling became louder. Emmy picked up her pace.
Reaching the first tree, she stopped, watched, and listened. She put her hand on it’s rough bark, and it calmed her breathing. A screen door slammed shut, somewhere in the distance behind her. But, the all too familiar sound barely registered. She pressed on into the forest.
Several minutes later, the lights loomed ever closer, the tinkling grew louder. Now, there was also faint laughter as well . . . children’s laughter. That sent a chill down her spine and raised goose bumps on her arms, but she didn’t know why. Emmy put out her hand to pet Booger. He moved closer to her. His warmth calmed her.
The lights halted their forward movement. Her view of them became clearer and the tinkling and the laughter grew louder with each step. Emmy stopped just outside the clearing.
Before her amazed eyes, dozens and dozens of faeries flew around in circles and spirals and swan dives. It was the most spectacular thing Emmy had ever seen. They laughed as they flew. The tinkling came from their wings each time they changed direction. After a few minutes, they seemed to notice her and began moving their spirals and circles closer toward her.
Emmy stood stiff, holding her breath, unable to move as she watched the magical scene.
Booger began making a strange growling, whining sound and then suddenly stopped. Emmy, unable to pull her attention away from the approaching aerial ballet, failed to look down right away. When she did, Booger looked like he was sleeping and she was surrounded by, what looked like, a dozen faeries. These were not the small, beautiful flying creatures she had been watching. But, almost as tall as she was and none of them smiled.
Several of them grabbed her and began pulling her and Booger toward a large hole in the ground she had not seen before. She kicked and fought but was quickly tied up with some sort of glowing cord. She tried to scream but, nothing came out and then — everything went dark.


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