Night Lights in the Forest – 4

Emmy struggled to try to get out of the rope binding her but, it would not budge. Booger looked up at her, cocked his head to one side, whined weakly and lay it down on the floor again. He was also still under the enchantment that kept him from moving around.

Emmy leaned her head back against the wall.

Mom and dad are going to positively freak out when they get up in the morning, and I’m not there.

She pulled her feet underneath her and, with her back against the wall,  pushed herself into a standing position.

Excited voices and the sound of running feet once again filled the hallway, Eryndir burst into the room almost out of breath. Their eyes met.

“You’re as tall as I am,” he said.

“Yeah, I noticed that too,” she said.

“Look, the faeries caught another little girl. Younger than you. I think she knew you.”

Emmy flashed back to the memory of the screen door slamming and gasped, “Gigi!”

She strode quickly toward Eryndir and stopped with her face just inches from his.

“What did she look like?”

Eryndir tried to back away “S-s-s-sort of like you, only younger.”

Emmy closed the gap again, “What? Did she say anything?”

He backed away another step, “Yeah, she kept calling your name as she disappeared into the faerie vortex.”

“No! No! Not Gigi!” She turned and clenched her fists, “Frosted gollywinkles! She’s always following me, trying to do everything I do. This is all my fault.”

Eryndir reached out toward her, but Emmy staggered back to the wall, leaned her shoulder against it and began to cry.

Eryndir stood and stared at her looking lost and helpless.

After a moment, there was a tinkling sound, the rope around her began to sparkle slightly and tingle. Then it just dropped to the floor around her feet.

“Wow! That was weird,” she said through a sniffle.

“Uh, yeah it is. It freaks me out sometimes too. This time, I’m just glad. Are, uh, you all right?” He said smiling weakly.

Booger yawned, stood up and began nudging Emmy’s leg.

“Looks like Booger is ready to go somewhere, too.”

Emmy took out a tissue out of her pocket, blew her nose and then looked Eryndir straight in the eyes. “OK, now what do we need to do to get my sister back?”


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