Night Lights in the Forest – 5

Eryndir returned the look, opened his mouth partially as though he was going to say something, paused then turned and headed for the door saying, “Follow me”.
Emmy hesitated just a second, but Booger followed him immediately. She had to hurry to catch up.
Eryndir was heading down a long hall decorated with pictures of Elves in action against the same faeries that attracted her to the forest. At regular intervals, there were torches mounted on the walls that provided light. At first, Emmy thought they were lit with fire, but then she noticed that there was no flame. They just glowed.
The passageway they followed seemed to be twisting and turning and descending. Occasionally, they would go through sets of doors. After about ten minutes of quick walking, Eryndir stopped at a set of double doors that had metal hinges and framing. There was a lit panel on the right side with the outline of a hand.
Eryndir turned to Emmy, “Getting your sister Gigi back will be both hard and dangerous. Are you sure you want to go along?”
“Are you gonna try to stop me?”
“Me? Nope. If I read that look in your face right, wild horses couldn’t stop you.”
“Are right then, why are we standing out here?” Emmy impulsively put her hand onto the panel. It lit up, began to make a whirring sound and then, the doors clicked and began to open inward.
Both she and Eryndir backed up a couple of steps.
“Whoa!” they said in unison.
Eryndir turned and stared at Emmy, “That should not have happened! This door is coded to only open for high command staff and . . . and . . . the royal family.
Emmy shrugged, “Must be broken. I’m not even an elf.”
Eryndir looked at her. “Well, I’ll . . . report it to maintenance.” Then he pushed the doors open the rest of the way.
On the other side of the doorway was the biggest room Emmy had ever seen.


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