Realm Makers Genre Awards Semi-Finalists Announced!

If you are looking for good stories to read, here is an excellent list. Yahoo!! Congratulations to my client KM Weiland, and all the others on this list. Well done!

Faith & Fantasy Alliance

graphicThe Realm Makers Genre Awards semi-finalists …

In Debut (and in no particular order):

Josh Vogt, Enter the Janitor

Kim Vandel, Into the Fire

Nathan Lumbatis, Daniel and the Sun Sword

In Sci-Fi:

Josh Lyon, Shadow Heart

Aaron DeMott, A New Threat

John Otte, The Hive

In Fantasy:

R.J. Anderson, Knife

Patrick Carr, The Shock of Night

K.M. Weiland, Storming

In Young Adult:

Carrie Noble, The Mermaid’s Sister

Chanda Hahn, Forever

Kim Vandel, Into the Fire

And in Supernatural/Horror and Other:

(combined due to a small number of entries)

Robin Johns Grant, Jordan’s Shadow

Kerry Nietz, Amish Zombies in Space

Mike Dellosso, Fear Mountain

Congratulations, all!

The books are being sent out to the judges this week, and the Genre Award winners will be announced at the Realm Makers Awards Banquet during the annual conference. At that time, we’ll also present the Realm Award for the Realm Makers book…

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