Guest Post: The Secret to Writing Great Sci-Fi

A post by one of my favorite new authors.

The Spinning Pen

robot handWhen someone says “science fiction,” what comes to mind? Space exploration? Futuristic technology? Aliens life forms? We tend to think of science fiction in those terms, but the best sci-fi stories don’t just spark our imaginations. They find a way to bring the story back home to the beautifully flawed humans who inhabit planet Earth. The brilliance of science fiction is that—no matter where or when it takes place—it creates a backdrop against which we can examine human nature and ask the question “What does it mean to be human?”

In Pierce Brown’s Red Rising, the human race has colonized our solar system and evolved into a color-coded Society. Darrow is a Red, part of a slave workforce trapped beneath the surface of Mars. The Reds have been lied to and cruelly oppressed by the Golds. The Golds have taken everything from Darrow—his father, his wife—and now they’ve condemned…

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