Esmeralda Wants To Be a Princess

Esmeralda Wants To Be a Princess

By: Steve Mathisen

Esmeralda sat on the floor in her room and looked at the drawings hanging on her wall. Each one was a princess from a book she had read. She drew each one as she read the story and then hung them on her wall when she was done with the book. Each drawing gave her such vivid memories that she could tell each story just from looking at them.

Esmeralda wanted to be a real, live princess more than anything in the whole wide world so she would draw what she imagined.

“Ezmie!” Her mother called from downstairs.


“Yes mother, I’m coming. I was just … um … straightening up my room.”

“Your breakfast is ready, and it won’t stay hot forever.”

“Yes, mother, I’ll reheat it myself if it gets cold.”

Esmeralda stood up, looked at her posters again and then hurried down the stairs to the kitchen.

Things started bouncing around in the kitchen, and her mother had to grab the dishes to keep them from falling on the floor,

“Ezmie! Stop bouncing on the stairway. You’re rattling the whole house again.”

“Sorry mother, I forgot.”

As she was eating her breakfast, her mother asked, “What do you have planned today?”

“I am going to practice my waltzing, so I can be graceful at a ball.”

Her mother hesitated for a moment and then said, “Being graceful is … is … always a good idea. Where are going to do this?”

“I was thinking about the living room.”

“Um … can I suggest that you do it outside? I am going to be busy straightening up in the house. We’re having company for dinner tonight.”

Crestfallen, Esmeralda said, “Ok, that will give me room to move about more freely.”

“Yes! Yes, it will. That’s a good plan sweetheart.”

Outside, Esmeralda found a spot among some trees where she could dance around all she wanted without bumping into anything or breaking any dishes. So she bounced and flounced and waltzed to her heart’s content.

“I love this practice!” She said to herself as she executed another pirouette, “I am becoming as graceful as a swan.”

Suddenly there was a racket coming from up in one of the trees. Esmeralda looked to see where it was coming from and there were two squirrels chattering at her from one of the branches.

She stopped to listen, and to her surprise, she could understand them!

“Will you please stop that infernal jumping around! You’ve woken up my babies and broken half my furniture!”

“I … I’m sorry. I had no idea. I was just doing my waltzing practice. I’m going to be a princess someday!”

The squirrel stared at her for just a moment and then began laughing uncontrollably.

“You … you … you’re going to be a princess?”

Then the squirrel laughed so hard she almost fell out of the tree.

“Why yes,” Esmeralda responded. “Why not?”

“Have you ever looked in a mirror sweetie,” the squirrel said still laughing.

“What? Why”

“Haven’t you ever noticed that you were a little large … ha ha … and green…ha ha ha … and scaly to be a princess? Dearie, you are a dragon and dragons can’t be princesses!”

“Hmmpph! That shows what you know. My Mom told me I could be anything I want as long as I study and work hard. That’s what I am doing out here today. I am practicing my waltzing so I will be the best dancer at the royal ball.”

“Royal ball? Haha! It … ha ha …it … ha ha … it will be a long time before you get invited to a royal ball.”

Just then there was a thrup-thrup, thrup-thrup, thrup-thrup sound coming from the sky. Both Esmeralda and the squirrel looked up to see another dragon flapping its wings and landing right in front of them.

Both Esmeralda and the squirrel were speechless at the sight of what looked like a boy dragon dressed up like a prince.

“Hello,” the prince said.

Esmeralda fainted.

The prince rushed to her side and picked her up in his arms, “Oh no, I seem to have scared her.”

“You think?” said the squirrel.

“I just wanted to ask her to the Royal Dragon Ball.” said the prince.

Esmeralda woke up suddenly, “Did you say Royal Dragon Ball?”

The prince replied, “I sure did. We only hold one every hundred years, and we are doing so this year. I have been hunting far and wide for someone to invite, and I was told about you by your mother. She told me where I could find you. And when I saw you dancing … I … uh … you … were … spectacular!”

The prince helped Esmeralda to her feet, “Please say you will come with me!”

Then he bowed to her.

Esmeralda looked at the prince, then she looked at the squirrel and then back at the prince and said, “I will have to ask my mother and father but, YES!”

The prince looked up at her and said, “You make my heart glad. Let us go and ask immediately.”

With that, he took her arm, and they walked Esmeralda’s home.

Esmeralda turned and looked back at the squirrel over her shoulder, just ever so slightly stuck out her tongue and smiled.





The Story of Esther – with Stanley – Part 2

Well, later that day the order came down from the palace for all of the most beautiful young women in the kingdom to come to the palace. The king would select one of them to be the new queen. Mordecai got a little worried because Esther was just the same age they were looking for and very beautiful. He hurried home that afternoon anxious to see and talk to her.

He arrived home to a find a guard from the palace outside his door. He went in just in time to see Esther finish packing to go to the palace…

Mordecai:                   Esther, my child! Is it true? Have you been chosen to go to the palace to be one of those that may be selected as the new queen?

Esther:                        Yes, cousin Mordecai. I don’t want to go. But, I have to go. I have no choice. It is the King’s command. There is a guard waiting to take me. I am so frightened! How will I live away from you? Who will take care of you?

Mordecai:                   Oh, my child! I do not want to believe it, but, we must accept the will of the King. Sit down for a moment and we will pray before you go.

O Lord of the Heavens and the Earth! O Lord the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, watch over this child of yours, my young cousin Esther that has been as a daughter to me these many years. Please watch over her and guide her. Let her know that she will never be out of your sight and that you will protect her for I know that she has loved you from her youth.

Esther, my child, be strong and very courageous. That is what Joshua told his people when they were about to enter the land of Israel. You must also be strong and very courageous for I believe that, perhaps, you were created for such a time as this.

Do not tell the people in the palace that you are Jewish or that you are my cousin, for you know that Haman hates me and all of our people. Promise me, now…

Esther:                        I promise, my cousin. You have been like a father to me, and I will be strong and very courageous for I do know that the Lord is with us His children and I will obey your word. It is time for me to go now.

Mr. Mathisen:             So off she went to the palace, Mordecai did not know if he would ever see her again.

Stanley:                       (Sniffing & crying a bit) That’s so sad…was she ever heard from again??

Mr. Mathisen:             Yes, Stanley,  she was, that’s why we are telling her story!

Stanley:                       (Sniffing and sounding more cheerful) Oh, yeah, that’s right…ok, what’s next?

Mr. Mathisen:             Esther bravely went (well, she was trying to be brave anyway) to the palace to be prepared to meet the king. She wasn’t really sure how she felt about the possibility of becoming the queen of the mighty Persian empire.


She looked all around her street as she followed the palace guard. Tears began to well up in her eyes. So much so that, it became a little hard for her to  see as she walked slowly away from her home and the familiar street she had grown up on. Everything was just a little blurry…

A silly story called – The Baby

“Well, Mrs. Johnson, how do you like your new baby boy. Isn’t he a handsome little fellow?”

“Well…he sure is, but…but…there seems to be…”

“He comes with all the latest features: a full head of blonde hair, corn flower blue eyes, guaranteed to be six feet tall, accelerated toilet training capabilities, full maturity in 6 years. Look, he’s growing already!”

“But, Doctor Hornsby, there seems to be…”

“He is fully functional immediately. Listen to that voice! You know, Mrs. Johnson, I’ll bet he’ll be a great singer someday –if he wants to be. We have included the superior intellect package at no extra cost.”

“But, Doctor Hornsby, there seems to be…”

“This model will also have excellent coordination and will be able to play all sports at the highest levels by the time he is in his early teens. Look, he’s grown nearly six inches already!”

“But, Doctor Hornsby, there seems to be…”

“What is wrong Mrs. Johnson? You sound like you’re not fully satisfied.”

“Oh no, Doctor Hornsby, it’s just that his head in on backwards.”

“Oh…so it is…well, no problem. We’ll just return him to the factory for some…(ahem)…adjustments.”

“But, Doctor Hornsby, that’s just not possible!”

“Why not Mrs. Johnson, it shouldn’t take too long to fix.”

“But, Doctor Hornsby, we opted for the natural birth method. He just won’t fit!”