Abram Goes to War – Part 5

Abram’s small army was highly organized and seemed to move as a single entity. With his leg throbbing again, Kenan could barely keep up with them. But, he was determined not to be left behind. He fell into the last row of marching soldiers and managed to keep pace with them.

After a two-day march, they caught up with King Kedorlaomer’s army at Dan where they had stopped for the night and made camp. It was clear that the king was unaware he was being chased. They had set no sentries. They were not expecting another fight.

After assessing the situation, Abram went away for a short while to pray and to consult with the Lord about his next move. Kenan took note of the fact that Abram seemed to confer with his God a lot. Every time he did that he returned full of confidence that he was about to do the right thing. Kenan had never seen anyone be that way before. His respect for Abram and for Abram’s God was growing.

Abram divided his men into two groups; Kenan was assigned to the group that he had marched with. Abram himself commanded that group. He assigned the two groups to positions opposite each other on the hills above King Kedorlaomer’s camp.

As Kenan stood with his group waiting for Abram’s signal he began to be overcome with fear. “The last time I went into a battle, I was hurt and left for dead. I’m not really sure I want to go through that again,” he thought to himself. “Wait a minute! Since that time, I have tried praying to Abram’s God and I have been helped each time. I’m going to try that again.”

Kenan looked up into the night sky and said silently, “Lord God of Abram, please protect me during this battle. Please give us victory over our enemies and help us to rescue my master Lot and his family. Thank you for listening to me. Help me to become your servant like Abram.”

Kenan felt a surge of strength and confidence. He smiled, gripped his sword and waited for the signal.

When Abram gave the signal, they attacked the king and his army from opposite sides. They yelled for all they were worth and that noise seemed to echo and get louder in the little valley.

Kenan raced down the hill with his unit. Abram’s men were shouting “For Abram and his God!”

Although the night was clear, they caught the enemy completely by surprise. The unprepared soldiers of the king were running around in circles, fighting each other and amazingly, their vastly superior force ran away from the fight. They abandoned their camp, livestock, plunder from Sodom and the captives.

Abram left a few men to guard this camp, but took the main force to chase after the King Kedorlaomer’s army. They chased them all the way to Damascus where the kings finally surrendered.

After Abram and his fighting men returned from the battle, there was a grand re-union between Lot, his family, and Abram. Lot asked Abram why he came after them and how they knew where to find them. Abram called for Kenan and presented him as the hero of the day to Lot and his family. Lot thanked him, but immediately turned his attention to locating his household goods and his personal gods from among the plunder.

Kenan felt like Lot considered him as nothing. He turned away from the family that he had done so much to save and found a place away from the rest and sat by himself.

The rich voice of Abram cut through Kenan’s sadness. “Mind if I sit with you awhile son?”

Kenan looked up to see Abram standing there, looking at him. “No, my lord, please be seated. I was just doing some thinking.”

“I could see that. My nephew seems to be more disappointed in his things than his people. I’ll bet you were expecting more thanks than you got.”

“Well, no…it’s just that I…I…I think that I’m really tired.”

“All right, if that’s true. I’ll just leave you to your thinking. But remember this, I can tell that you have been watching me. I can sense also that you have been testing the Lord and find Him to be faithful. I can tell you this. Place your faith in Him. There is a little saying that I learned from my father and I will pass it on to you if you want to hear it.”

Kenan looked deep into the man’s eyes, “Yes sir, what is it?”

Abram simply smiled and said, “God is faithful, just you wait and see.”