Entering the world of freelance writing–It’s a very complicated place…

I have always considered myself something of a generalist. I believed that I knew enough about a lot of things to be generally conversant in them. While that may be true (in my own mind, at least), it is not enough to write about a topic with any authority. In my first forays into this new world, I have discovered how precious little I know about most everything. The topics that writing articles are being requested for are well beyond the scope of my little knowledge. I am not sure that even with some research could I produce an article worthy of payment.

I did select one thing to write on and “misremembered” the due date and missed it. Obviously I have some work to do on developing a system to keep track of assignments.

I still have a lot of reading and research yet to do about this new world but I can tell you one thing. It’s a very different writing world than the one I have inhabited for the last decade.

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